About Tryangle

Tryangle was born out of Vicki and Jonny's love of dancing, playing and dressing up.

Tryangle can be booked as a fully costumed Playford Ensemble. With the spinet and nyckelharpa at the heart of the arrangements, these are spiced up with gandola (guitar shaped octave mandola) with octave pedal and bagpipes.

Tryangle can also be booked as a standard ceildih band (which is much the same, but the spinet gets left at home).

Hug a musician, they never get to dance!

Vicki Swan • nyckelharpa (extra special keyed-fiddle), border pipes, flageolet, recorder, flute
Jonny Dyer • spinet, accordion, gandola, guitar

Guest Musicians have included:
John Dipper
Tom Kitching